Learning to be creative.

It’s kind of funny how necessity can be the best teacher… or the best motivator.

Currently I have an editing position at a company that I love, however only having enough work for 4-6 hours gives me a paycheck that’s less than satisfactory. Hence necessity – in need of some extra cash I tried to figure out a way to bring in some extra money that didn’t involve going back to the deli.

My ideal job = getting to choose my own hours, sometimes I have the flexibility to work from home and the ability to be creative. When I dream of my perfect job I picture a sort of creative energy that flows from me into whatever work I am doing. In my imagination it looks like a blue cloud type thing.

This is when Klassic Kathleen’s was born. It takes a lot of courage to put artwork out there. I am dreading the day that someone buys one of my hand-drawn cards and isn’t satisfied with the product. This is where the learning comes in – learning how to run my own business, learning how to be proud and confident in the work that I produce, and learning how to be okay if others don’t appreciate it.

Through their art, the creative lays down their soul, making themselves vulnerable to the criticisms of others. This is an area where I am still growing and learning, but I hope that as I continue to create I can more easily share with others that which I make.

Oh and by the way, here is a link to my store: KlassicKathleens Enjoy!

Here’s to learning and doing things that scare us!



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