Sorry, is my tourist showing?

This weekend, my husband Ben and I were tourists of our own city of San Diego! With temperatures getting up into the high nineties and low hundreds we wanted to make sure that we were out of our apartment for as much of the day as possible.

Our weekend started (kind of) on Wednesday. Ben’s aunt was in town and we met her family for dinner.  We went to the Chicken Pie Shop, a place that has been around for decades. They sell the most delicious chicken pot pies! Almost all of us ordered one, flakey crusts all around with creamy and thick mashed potatoes and gravy. Very reminiscent of Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, so I had no complaints.

On Friday we went to a Padres game, courtesy of Ben’s work. They played a video that Ben made up on the jumbotron! We had peanuts and cracker jacks, hot dogs and hamburgers, basically everything typical of a ball game. Unfortunately the Padres didn’t win, it was a close and exciting game though, so we still had a good time eating food and hanging out with the people Ben works with.

IMG_20160617_191110 copy.jpg
Yes, we were two rows from the back. No, there was no nose bleeding.

Saturday, one of the hottest days so far this summer! We started out at a coffee shop close to home. With some iced drinks in hand, and a paper and pencil, we both went to work. Ben drew and I worked on developing new ideas for Etsy.

20160618_162128Next up was Old Town San Diego. The “birthplace” of California. On our way into town we passed a cemetery, there were many spaniards, irish, and native people who were buried there. We also passed gravemarkers in the sidewalk just outside the cemetery wall, these people were buried a while before the wall was built and were only found in 1993 with the help of ground a penetrating imaging device, sort of like an x-ray.


Once we made it to town we enjoyed our time walking around and seeing all of the historical artifacts, artwork and artists that were scattered around the park. There was also a small farmer’s market and it was neat to be able to see some local artisans.

It was mexican for dinner. Pozole for me and tacos for Ben.

We finished the weekend with a day at the beach, after which we decided that we definitely need to move closer to the beach. Lastly a handmade, right in front of you, ice cream sandwich! So good, and a perfect treat to beat the heat this weekend!




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