Moving and thrifting

We moved into our apartment in April and I finally feel like maybe it’s starting to look like a home. Still no couch, and we still have a twin bed taking up a large portion of wall in the front room, but we have art up on the walls, and the kitchen is freshly organized as of today.

I have a whole Pinterest board totally devoted to apartment decorating. Ideas on how to put up removable wall treatments, or how to make tons of space out of our itty bitty space. Seeing the reality when you are expecting so much perfection can be disappointing. I want everything to look cute, bright, and tidy, but currently our dresser doesn’t fit all of our clothes, and our closet is bursting at the seams with stuff other than clothes.  It’s a work in progress, and as we continue to live here we’ll have new ideas about our organizing. I am thinking that simplifying and possibly another trip to the Salvation Army might be in order.

Currently our “living room” is very bare, we have a table with one regular chair and one folding chair and a coffee table with a tv on it. No couch, no comfy place to sit.

Yesterday we had to drop some items off at the Salvation Army, and of course we had to get more stuff to fill the hole that our old stuff left.

What we got: an arm chair – $10, that’s all. Pretty good, if you ask me.

Comfy, but slightly dirty the chair either needed a good amount of lovin’. Because it was the weekend and we were feeling crafty we set out to reupholster the whole chair. We didn’t realize when we started how long it would take. But at the end we felt  quite accomplished and proud of our work.


We began by working backwards and taking off the fabric in the order that it had been put on. Not to hard right? Except that to get it off we had to remove hundreds maybe thousands of staples from the chair. Somebody had gone staple happy. Three hours later we were ready to move on to putting new fabric on the chair.


We made a trip to the store to buy our own staples, staple gun and the fabric (7 yards total!). I had 50% off at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Booyah!

Then came the task of re-covering the whole chair. If you want to build yourself a stronger marriage — reupholster a chair together. It takes a whole lot of talking, crying, listening and trying to make sure you don’t staple each other. There comes a point when you’re just too tired, frustrated and scraped up to fold another piece of fabric, hammer another nail, or staple another staple. Take on this sort of project with someone you’re thinking of marrying and by the time you are done, you will know what kind of person they are, deep, deep, down inside.

I am really pleased with how our chair turned out. There were moments when we wanted to toss the whole thing out, but we powered through and now we have a nice new chair. Now we just need a second one! We might hold off on that for a little while though. 🙂


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