How we feel about gluten free eating.

I use the royal we here, my husband isn’t really gluten free, just lucky me.

I am only slightly sad about my new dietary challenges, only a little bit of grinding and gnashing of teeth as bread and cookies pass me by in the grocery store.

For a few different health reasons my doctor suggested clean eating. For me this means no gluten, no dairy, and no soy. So over the past week I have been saying good-bye to everything good in life and hello to a world of coconut and almond milk, and a whole bunch of weird types of flours.

Scouring the internet for ways to make my favorite foods cleaner I have stumbled upon a couple of blogs that have been immensely helpful, and are able to get me excited about this new food challenge. There are a lot of recipes out there that can be altered easily without much difference in taste.

My husband is being a trouper and coming along for the ride with me, so far our first meal (Chicken Tortilla Soup, from a cookbook that my aunt gave me) was a huge success… it was actually gluten free on it’s own so we didn’t have to make any crazy alterations.

Tonight is Chicken and Dumplings, no gluten and no dairy, it should be interesting.

And last: coconut and almond milk hot chocolate. Super creamy.

Hot Chocolate